How To Start Making Money Online At Home (4 Steps)

How To Start Making Money Online At Home

Making money online at home is possible! There are many ways on how you can be successful in making money online from wherever you are.

But how to start making money online at home be the focus of my article today.

Maybe you are someone looking for an extra income to do while you are at home. Or someone who is an at-home-mom/dad. Or maybe someone who could not physically go anywhere but still wants to make money using the internet. Or someone who is retired but still looking for ways to make money online.

Or just someone who wants to work at home, anywhere, at his or her own time.

Whatever your situation is right now, the most important thing is for you to know that you can truly make money online wherever you are.

Are you really keen and would like to dedicate your time and effort to create an online business which can be profitable in the long run?

I can teach you how to start your own online business when you are at home, or even wherever you are with a proven strategy.

All you need, aside from your laptop or your desktop, IS the willingness to do it!

How To Start Making Money Oline At Home

How to make money online?

On the internet, you can earn many ways:

  • 1. Using different apps or websites.
  • 2. Selling your products or someone else`s
  • 3. Freelance Writing
  • 4. Affiliate Marketing

I have written an article about what are the best ways to make money online. You may want to read it as I have given some legit recommendations on ways to make money online.

How are you going to start making money online at home?

Let me teach you the BEST WAY TO MAKE MONEY ONLINE!

It is the best way for me because it is creating your very own profitable online business which can give you good returns in the future, a passive income for life if done correctly.

There are 4 important steps you need to understand how a profitable online business works.

  • The first step, have an interest or a topic which you can share to the world.

This is what you called NICHE. For example, if you are good at crafts, that can be your niche.

  • The second step, you need to have a website.

I usually think of a website as your “store” or your “home-base” where you perform your business.

You may be thinking “how am I going to make a website!”

Do you know that it is possible to create your own website, even with no experience?

WATCH this FREE video: Lesson on how to build a website.

Create A Website In 30 Seconds

  • The third step, you have to promote your website.

You will let people know about your website. You will let them know that you are offering information, guidelines or services about the niche you have chosen. You will let people know that you exist. This is what you call marketing.

You need to market your website which also means you may want to have traffic on your website by having visitors to reach your site.  You can do this either through a free or paid traffic.

There is also a better way to make sure that your website can reach your audience. It is by using the right keywords.

Read this article about my recommended keyword research tool and how it works.

  • The fourth step, monetizing your website.

What does it mean? This is your way of making money through your website. You have to be affiliated in some companies in order to do this.

Affiliate marketing is selling or promoting a certain product or service that is not yours. For example, if your niche is about crafts, you can recommend the tools available in some stores like Amazon. So, you need to be affiliated in Amazon.

Then, if their product or service is sold on your website, you will receive certain payment or commission.

There are so many companies which are looking for affiliations. There are available affiliations in whatever niche you can think of. You just have to make sure to find the best marketing program. Most of these companies are free to join.

How affiliate marketing works?
How affiliate marketing works

Making money in this 4 steps is called AFFILIATE MARKETING. Read my Complete Guide For Affiliate Marketing.

Does affiliate marketing work?

Do you know that affiliate marketing is a billion dollar business? Of course, it works! I can attest to that because it really works for me.

As in any kind of business, it does take time and dedication to be successful in it. So, affiliate marketing is also the same. You have to work hard at first so you can benefit from it in the long run. You are basically creating a passive income.

It will surely work if you have the following:

  • A website that has good contents and really works.
  • A niche that you are happy to promote.
  • A very good platform or program that helps you create a successful online business.
  • and the dedication to give time and effort to be successful.

Are you ready to make money online at home?

If you are ready for making money online at home, I can help you.

I invite you to join my community. It is the program that helped me create a successful online business that can continuously make money for me.

I was just like you before, I was looking for ways to make money online. I had been to different programs before that I ended up knowing nothing about creating an online business. I also lost money and also been scammed before.

And then, I found this program that helped me understand how affiliate marketing works. It is the best strategy in making money online. It is legitimate and works.

Just to give you a heads-up, this program is not the get-rich-fast scheme you see around. This is creating a foundation to make sure you will have a profitable online business- a business that is profitable and will make money.

My final thoughts

If you want to start making money online, I invite you to take action now. It is possible and doable.

I would like you to join my community and start learning right away. It is free to join, no risk, no credit card required.

When you sign up, you will have a FREE 10-lesson to help you build your online business, 2 FREE websites to start with, use of Keyword Research Tool. FREE support from the community including me.

We will guide you all the way to make sure you will start making money online.

Free Membership

If you have any questions, please leave a comment.

22 Comments on “How To Start Making Money Online At Home (4 Steps)”

  1. An excellent post on how to start making money online at home. It was easy to follow your logic and suggestions, and I am convinced that if readers follow your advice they will be well on their way to doing just that. Unfortunately, too many people that are searching for ways to get started, there are products and posts that will not help them.

    Far better to read through what you have added, as obviously you do know what you are talking about and from my own experience starting an online business I can say what you suggest will work for anyone. No matter if it is a mom or dad staying at home, or their high-school kid.

    Perhaps the most important words, aside from the clear path that you lay out, is the suggestion that people take action. I have seen far too many people that will talk the talk but never walk the walk. Once they get started, they will see just how it can be done.  

    Thanks for a straight to the point article on how to get started making money online, you are going to be helping a lot of people who stop by, read this, and get busy following your guidance. Good deal!

    1. Hi Dave, thank you for sharing your thoughts about this article.

      You are definitely right, there are people who are just going to talk about it but never ever try to make it happen for themselves. 

      Like you`ve mentioned, I really would like to reach out to those people, as much as I can, to help them and start learning how to create their online business. In a way, that is easy to understand and doable!

      I am glad to know that I have created a website that is really doing its purpose.

      All the best!

  2. Dear Hanna,

    Thanks a lot for the informative and insightful article.

    How To Start Making Money Online At Home? is the question of millions of people and You have provided the best answer. I tried many make money online programs and I am in this make money online niche since 2008.

    I tried freelance writing, surveys, ptc, ad posting, email reading, captcha typing, transcription, virtual assistant etc., Nothing went on my way or gave me a long lasting career.

    While doing some research found that Affiliate Marketing is the best way to make money online. So decided to learn it from the scratch. On November 2016 joined the same training platform you are recommending.

    To cut the long story short…

    I am still with the same training platform and since December 2017 I became a full-time Affiliate Marketer working from home. So based on my own experience and 100’s of true success stories I witnessed Affiliate Marketing WORKS and its the best.

    Much Success!


    1. Thanks, Paul for sharing your thoughts regarding this article.  I really have no doubt that affiliate marketing is really the answer if you want an online business that will give you a passive income.  This has been proven by me, and also you, and many others who became successful as an affiliate marketer.

      All the best!

  3. Hi Hanna,

    This a great step-by-step guide on how to start making money online at home via affiliate marketing. I find the most challenging part is to drive organic traffic to our site and converting them into sales. In your opinion, how long does it take make money online as l have started a niche site 3 month ago and have not make a single cents?

    Thank you.

    1. Hi Zayn, if you have just started 3 months ago, and not creating an income yet, that means you really have to build your business (your website).

      My first website started earning income after a year. My second website, I started getting referrals after 3 months.

      I recommend you to read this article(READ THIS)

      It is an article recommended for all marketers who are just starting to create their business online.

  4. Hanna I am in the WA community and like you, I have subscribed many online jobs and this is the one that I really been more time, my third month, I like the training, really good, not only the training but the tasks, help us to do the best in our website, and what about the community? I thank everyone who had help me, I am not frecuently asking but when I did it, they gave me good advices. I feel a beginner, I am not doing my best effort, but I like this platform and I hope to be here for a long time.

    1. That is great to know.  Wealthy Affiliate is really great especially if you are a beginner and really want to start making money online.  They have top-notch training that is very easy to follow.

      All the best!

  5. Hi Hanna,

    This is a very concise post on what it takes and what I like different about the opportunity, is that you are not promising wealth overnight. What excites me the most is as you said it is creating a passive income.Thanks for the information and the best of luck to you with your business.

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. For me, this is really a great way to create a passive income. It is something that you will work hard then generate income in the future. All the best!

  6. What a great post! I am in the process of doing this and you summed it up really well. A lot of times we are finding excuses to not make money from home! This just makes it so simple. What do you think is the greatest challenge?

    1. Hi Daisy, thank you for the comment.
      I think the greatest challenge is not knowing how to start. Here in this article, I recommended a platform that will help you build your own online business from the very beginning. Make it happen and take action. There`s nothing to lose, only gain.
      All the best!

  7. This is a great way to make a good living full-time and from home, so many people are now becoming a part of this business because of all the benefits that it offers. What you are saying is so on point. Thanks for the break down on how this is done and forgiving person insights into this line of work.

    1. Hi Norman, thanks for sharing your thoughts about this article. This is surely a good way to create your own online business. If given the time and the effort, it will surely give you a good income in the long run.
      All the best!

  8. Hi Hanna, Great information here and a lot of it. I would like to know more about the platform you use, do you like it and are there others you’ve tried out, or have experience with? I am in the process of putting together a website of my own, so this article is a really good rundown of what it takes. You seem to be the expert so I will be reading a lot of your posts in the near future!


    1. Hi Steve, the platform I am using is really good if you are starting to put together a website. It is free to join, and with it, you can start your lessons right away to build your own online business. It also has free 2 websites, use of keyword research tool, and a lot of support from a community of entrepreneurs. I invite you to try and join my community.
      If you do, I will see you in the inside.
      All the best!

  9. Hi Hanna, Thanks for the positive yet honest review of affiliate marketing. I am a couple months in and starting to see some referrals come in but no premium memberships yet. I am still learning the ropes of PPC but if things keep rolling like they are, I see a fruitful year ahead. Cheers.

    1. Hi Casey, that`s the spirit! You know already that through affiliate marketing, you will gain profitable returns in the future. I am glad to know you`ve started this route to make money online.
      All the best!

  10. Hi Hanna
    I am very impressed with your informative post. I am a fellow affiliate and I really like your explanation of how to make money online and how it flowed through to you asking the reader to join your community. I also like your approach, great and simply to the point. This is easy to read and very inviting!

    1. Hi Susan, thank you for your comment.
      The community I mentioned is really a very good platform to learn affiliate marketing if you are a beginner. Try it out, it is free to join.
      All the best!

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