The Secret On How To Increase Traffic On A Website (For Free)

The Secret On How To Increase Traffic On A Website For Free
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You may have started a website, and it is already gaining a few visitors. But what you want now is really to get more traffic, more people visiting your site.

Do you know that there is a secret to increasing traffic on a website for free?

This secret is a proven strategy.

Do you ever wonder why some websites can generate more traffic than others?

What do you think they have?

You may have used all the methods and ways, but still not gaining the traffic that you want.

You want more traffic to establish authority and revenues in the long run.

What Is The Secret On How To Increase Traffic On A Website For Free?

The real secret has something to do with the contents of their article.

Content Is King! That is true, tried, and tested!

This is the secret – your contents should have a high-quality, should be helpful, and worthwhile.

Before you do anything, first and foremost, you have to have good contents on your websites.

Having these kinds of contents will give you an authority in your niche. You have to prove that you provide value to people and you can do that if you are sending them to a site that helps them out.  A website that is worth their time.

If you have excellent quality contents on your website, these contents will be promoted and get shared easily.

That means every single post you write should be a powerful one. If you are going to write a couple of paragraphs of some nonsense, then you can’t expect traffic or even magic to happen.

Remember a high-quality content is easier to promote.

Great content helps your audience solve a problem.

Great content is actionable.

Great content is smart.

The Secret On How To Increase Traffic On A Website For Free

How To Write Quality Content For Your Website?

The basis of writing good quality content is by using the right keywords.

If you learn how to choose the right keywords effectively, you’re going to improve your chances of getting ranked in Google and other search engines.

As you establish your website and have been writing excellent and quality contents, this will lead to authority. Meaning, search engines such as Google, Bing, and Yahoo will start assigning authority to your website.

Authority will lead to rankings.

Rankings will lead to more traffic and of course – ultimately an opportunity to earn more revenue.

This is the real benefits of SEO in a nutshell!

So, to drive more traffic to your website, you have to understand that great content is the foundation of getting significant traffic.

If You Know The Secret, You Have The Edge!

There are millions of bloggers out there, and yet only 25% of them get over 5000 page views a month.

Think about that.

Only 25% of the blogs in the world get over 100 people a day to visit them. Getting 100 people to come to your website every single day shouldn’t be hard if you have a strong foundation of content.

So, before you worry about traffic, you need to worry about creating good quality content.

Watch this video:  Creating Keyword Rich Content for SEO

Creating Keyword Rich Content For SEO

Methods On How To Increase Traffic On Your Website For Free

So now, hopefully, you have understood the importance of having good quality contents on your website.

If you now have written contents that are of high quality, then, it is time to promote them.

What you will learn next are the basics I used to drive for more traffic to my website – for free.

Here are the best ways to increase traffic to your website:

1. Understanding SEO and Backlinks.

This is my number one of all the ways. I know I’m redundant; it is still part of getting to write good and quality contents for your website.

This is huge because most bloggers miss this opportunity because they don’t merely know what is required to do well in search engines like Google.

It is simply using the right keywords and adding backlinks to your site.

Learn more: Understanding SEO and Backlinks.

2. Joining Groups Of Your Targeted Audience.

This is an easy one. You don’t want to waste your time promoting your content to people that don’t care about it, so the logical thing is to do is to find the people that would be interested in your website.

Almost every niche topic has online communities somewhere. There are blogs, forums, Facebook groups, other such places.

Your goal is to find this place and then make yourself a valuable member of the community you have chosen.

The mistake I notice is that most bloggers do is that they join these communities, and then they start sharing their content right away. This probably may work, but not all the time. What you want to do is to make a name of yourself first. They need to know and trust you. Then, eventually, they will be interested in what you offer.

Also, it is good to do a bit of research. Try to gain a better understanding of your audience`s problems. This will help you provide needed solutions that people are willing to pay for and talk about.

Try to build stronger relationships with other bloggers too. Building this relationship may help you grow traffic to your website.

Once you have built this trust to your audience and other bloggers, you are giving yourself a shot of creating traffic to your website, since they want to know more about you and your works.

3. Getting The Most Of Social Media.

Trying to leverage social media to promote your website is an excellent way to create traffic.

It is always good to build up an audience in any of these platforms as this will allow you to spread what you want to offer and also reach easily to your targeted audience.

In my experience, among all social media, YouTube and Pinterest are the ones that give me more traffic. But this is just me. It is up to you where you want to promote yourself.

4. Get In Touch With Influencers Of Your Niche.

Do you know what influencers are? The meaning of influencers, in terms of marketing, is they have the ability to change other people`s behavior and beliefs. In social media, they are the most popular ones because they have built tons of followers. So, whatever the influencer promotes, more or less, it could reach all the followers.

It is good to get in touch with an influencer and drop a note or two. Some influencers will ask for some money, but there are who don’t. So give it a try.

5. Sending Emails To Your Mailing List.

I am not sure by now if you have already started creating your email list, but if you don’t, start building soon.

Free Lesson on Email Marketing Walkthrough.

Using this email list will help build your traffic in the long run. You might think people who signed-up in your email list might not care about the things you write.

Send emails that are not only about what you offer, but you can also send emails too about your life. Sharing what you are up to and what you have found out on the internet that you think may be interest around your niche.

This works well if you do not have anything published during the week, you can still find some impressive piece of contents to share with your audience.

If you have good contents, you will have people that would appreciate receiving emails from you. Also, there are still a group of people that don’t have social media accounts, but they do have emails.

So, it is a smart move to use this method to add traffic to your website.

6. Guest Blogging.

To some bloggers, guest blogging is for them not helpful in terms of creating traffic.

For me, this depends on some factors.

When you want to write something for a particular website, first of all, it should be something about your niche. It should also be a very popular website and lots of traffic.

You can be successful as a guest blog and gain in lots of traffic by doing research first before you apply to be a guest blog.

You should also consider accepting guest bloggers on your site. But make sure that it should also be high-quality content that will be helpful for your website.

Make sure to stick to your standards and brand – focused specifically on your niche.

HELPFUL READ: Guest Blogging – Do`s And Don`ts For Extremely Powerful Backlinks

7. Commenting On The Articles Of Other Websites.

Using the opportunity to leave comments on other posts or articles will also help increase traffic on your website.

Make sure you write comments that are of quality too, not just a simple and no relevance – it may be considered spam.

Your goal is not to get everyone that comes across your comment to click your link. The goal is to get people that care about the topic to notice your comments and click.

It is also essential to keep in mind that not all blogs are created equal. If you do not see much participation in the comment area for an article, then maybe their audience is not that large as you think or they do not do a good job keeping their audience engaged.

8. Participating in Question and Answer Sites.

Questions and answer sites, like Quora, is an excellent opportunity to establish authority.

Similar to commenting on articles, your goal is not to answer every single question that you come across. You want to be strategic in a way and make sure that you can only provide high-quality content to the community.

I mentioned the strategic way. This has something to do with research as well. Your answer should also be of good quality content – with rich keywords. The key is to make your answer authentic.

9. Hosting Webinars.

If guest blogging is old news, the webinars are the new things in terms of marketing.

Webinars are a great way to gain access to brand new audiences.

When you already have an authority site, you can host your webinars, and you speak in front of the camera.

But if you are just a beginner and would like to generate traffic, then you can do one of these two things:

  • (1) Get someone else`s webinar or
  • (2) Bring someone else onto your webinar.

Either way, traffic is going to go both ways. Bloggers would love to cross-promote and share around. All you need to do is find someone that already has an audience that will benefit from your expertise.

10. Join In An Affiliate Marketing Platform.

I am not sure of other kinds of affiliate marketing platform, but the community I joined in to learn how to make money online has its community of affiliate marketers – beginners and experienced ones.

This community helps each other out in so many ways – from building your own online business, its tricks and ways, to using tools that can help you be successful in online business.

There are also helps in getting comments and feedback about your website.

This is a great way to increase and boost traffic to your website.

If you want to find out about this, I invite you to join my community – it is free to join.

My Final Thoughts.

I have given you the most secret, which is not really a secret, in increasing traffic to your website aside from other best ways which are free.

Writing high-quality, keyword-rich content is the most important thing when you want to gain traffic to your website.

By working on making excellent quality contents and using all these free methods, you will be able to dive in a lot deeper into your audience and will gain authority of your website.

The most important rule though for growing your website is to always actively creating contents and promoting it. It doesn’t grow on autopilot. It is something like a plant that needs constant nurturing in order to grow.

Once you are doing this consistently, your site will establish authority, then increase traffic – which will then be an opportunity to create for you a profitable online business.

Do You Want To Know How I Make Money Online?

Do you have any thoughts about this article? Are there still other ways that you know can increase traffic to a website or a blog? If there`s anything you want to share, please leave a comment below.

All the best!

34 Comments on “The Secret On How To Increase Traffic On A Website (For Free)”

  1. I’m here as a newbie, want know about getting traffic to my own and new website. Your article is very much useful and secret of content making in my new website. I’m very afraid of making a quality content for my website and getting lot of issues on my article, your article is helped a lot how to make best and quality content on my own blog

    1. Hi kiransamuels, I am very glad you`ve reached out and left a comment.  As a beginner, it is always a struggle to write contents.  Let me recommend a lesson: Creating Your First Content.

      I hope that lesson helps, and as you go along writing contents, you`ll get used to it and it will feel a lot easier.

      All the best!

  2. I’am a new baby on creating website, and your post it’s just perfect
    simple word and clear explanation
    I’ve had your blog into my favorite, need to go deeper in your blog, I’m sure it’s full of information
    Never heard about Quora as well, so is it a good way to start while I’m building my website?
    Thank you for your post

    1. I am glad to know that this post is helpful to you. Feel free to browse this website. I have pieces of information and helpful guides that will help you in your online business. Let me know if you need more guidance. You can easily reach out in my CONTACT US page.
      All the best!

  3. Thanks for sharing these amazing tips to increase traffic on my site. The best thing is that all of your recommendations are completely free. I am a fan of SEO for the very same reason. Yes, it takes time and effort to get high rankings on search engines, but when you look at it in the long run, it’s the best way to get traffic. I have tried many different ways to do so, but SEO has proved to be truly the best. Thanks again for sharing.

    1. I am glad you understood the importance of SEO in terms of getting traffic. Writing great high-quality content is very powerful.
      Thanks, Ivan for sharing your thoughts about this. All the best!

  4. Love this article, I know for sure many people will this information extremely valuable.

    Just by your writing I can already conclude that you know how to write high quality content.

    100% agree on the content is king part. You can see your traffic improving over time if you keep on posting quality content consistently.

    And when I say improving, I don’t mean by 10 or 20, but by hundreds of unique visitors.

    Keep up the good work, love the info.

    1. Thanks, Kayin for your thoughts about this article. Writing excellent contents for your website is really the key to gain traffic which is mostly organic.
      All the best!

  5. Hello Hanna,

    your post is really informative as it goes really into detail. Very nice!
    Some of the articles I read from others in the Internet just try to convince someone to jump into a process that is rarely described. And that is just like a jump into cold water.
    I can feel that you are really satisfied with Wealthy Affiliate and I hope I’m right 🙂
    Thanks again for your detailed posting!
    All the best,

    1. Hi George, every article I write came from real experience. I want my readers to really get what I want to share to them and hoping that they will follow these tips and guides to make their online business more profitable.
      Yes, I am truly grateful and satisfied with Wealthy Affiliate. It is the platform that has taught me all the things I need to learn the best strategy in creating a profitable online business. You can read my review of the platform here: REVIEW OF Wealthy Affiliate
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts about this article.

  6. Hi Hanna! Thanks for this very impactful, educational post. This is really power-packed with all the golden nuggets to ranking high on the search engines and raking the traffic. I was reminded to revisit forums, facebook and especially Quora, platforms I find too loud at times. Thanks for the reminder of the benefit of contributing to such platforms. Thanks again for a well-written post.

    1. Those platforms like Quora and forums are great ways to increase traffic to your website. Sometimes, you will be surprised how powerful they can be.

      Thank you for leaving a comment. All the best!

  7. Man! I can’t imagine istayed lost in this powerful information on ur website…. I have never seen a very comprehensive information before like this …

    You write from your heart and so much invaluable information.
    Do you have a newletter… I won’t miss getting to keep reading your posts….
    Wow tHanks

    1. Hi George, thank you so much for your nice comment. I am glad you find this very helpful
      You can sign up to my newsletter. Leave your email on the sidebar of my blog. If you are using a desktop, it is on your left. If you are on your phone, it is down below.
      All the best!

  8. Thanks for the very thorough and informative article! I have been trying to increase traffic on my website in this way for the past few months, though it’s been a bit of a slow go for me. Out of curiosity, how would you recommend going about guest blogging? Do you recommend just reaching out to bloggers you admire and writing to see if they’d have you on? I always thought it would have to be invitation-based, as I feel a bit shy just cold-calling people out of the blue. What are your thoughts?
    Looking forward to hearing more soon!

    1. Hi Mia, I am glad you asked about guest blogging. Your reason was one of the reasons why most bloggers do not want to go into this route.
      Yes, getting in touch with those bloggers you admire is one way of connecting, sometimes you will be surprised that they will reply. You can even start by adding their link to your website, and then send them an email or letter to let them know that you are grateful about their particular article that is why you are promoting it through your site. This way, you are establishing a good relationship.
      Then, eventually, you can ask them if you can be a guest blog, or them be your guest bloggers.
      Remember, if you have good quality contents, it will be easy for you to get invited too.
      All the best, and thanks for your comment.

  9. Hi Hanna, thanks for sharing these tips, I absolutely love your website! I’m not a newbie but still have a hard time following some of these tips – not because I’m not aware of them, but because of laziness probably. I have heard about guest blogging and interacting with influencers from my niche from many bloggers and writers, but I just don’t do it. Do you think that gaining a backlink from a major website would make any difference in rankings? I heard that it would do, but I never actually tried it so I can’t tell. I know I wanted to do guest blogging at one point, but I didn’t find too many websites willing to receive my articles. Maybe I should have done longer research beforehand. 

    Anyway, I have saved your article and I will try in the future to get out of my comfort zone and follow the tips that I didn’t before. Thanks a lot.

    1. Hi Heather, all these tips are really helpful if you want to increase the traffic to your website. It does take some work though to be successful in it.  Guest blogging also takes time, some websites require you to have an authority already of your own website before they can allow you to write an article for their site.  But this also depends.  If you have written an article with excellent content, some bloggers may allow you. 

      Thank you for leaving a comment, I wish you all the best!

  10. I just created a website on siterubix. It surely means am an amateur in website creating. I published my first content four days ago without any idea about how to make  SEO reflect on my site. I haven’t work on SEO yet. Can I still make out something from SEO despite the fact that I have published my first content? Hope it is not too late for that website or should I create another one and include SEO from scratch? Am glad to come across this post because it will surely be of help. Thanks

    1. Hi Stella, it is never too late to update your published article. Just to let you know, I have my very first website which I have created when I was still learning how to build one.  I have published several articles.  But as I went along and learned more on how to optimize my blogs to the search engine (SEO), I went back and did a bit of editing and tweaking.

      Also, eventually, if you have published so many posts, it is always good to update your articles once in a while – this will lead to more rankings.

      All the best!

  11. Content has always been king and for the foreseeable future would remain king but if we wish to drive traffic to our website we really need to learn how to leverage platforms to drive traffic. Videos are beginning to make wave and it seems like the new trend to drive traffic to a website.

    Not a lot of bloggers do it because not everyone is able to face a camera but for those able to leverage this platform are quickly realizing that it is one of the best ways to drive free traffic to a website.

    1. You are definitely right, videos are already getting to be very popular.  So, if this is a way you can bring traffic to your website, please do so.

      Even some of the most popular bloggers now have started doing videos as well- so, definitely, it is a good way to promote your site.

  12. Hi,

    Thanks for the very thorough and informative article! Thanks a lot for sharing your experience and it adds more value to this post. The best thing is that all of your recommendations are completely free. This has to be motivating, not only for me but also for many others who are interested in creating websites. I have been trying to increase traffic on my website in this way for the past few months, though it’s been a bit of a slow go for me. Your article will help a lot on how to make the best and quality content on my own blog.

    Much Success!

    1. Thank you, Nasrin.  It is good to know that these tips can be helpful for you to get more visitors.  Just to remind you, these are only free traffic.  There are also paid traffic that you can do.

      All the best!

  13. Thanks for sharing this article on the secret of how to increase traffic on a website for free. I found it very informative and relevant. Personally, I have not yet received any significant amount of traffic on my website. I know I need more content but I was not aware of some of the other ways to increase traffic. Moving forward, I can now integrate some of these useful tips along with those that I’m already using. 

    I totally agree that content is important. It however takes time, dedication and good research to create quality content. The more we read and write, it will become easier. 

    Awesome article. I’m sure many readers will find it as useful as I did.

    1. Thanks, Brenda. For sure, content marketing does take time and a lot of work.  But it is a sure way to give you a profitable online business in the future.

      All the best!

  14. Wow! Thanks so much for sharing this helpful post. Fairly enough, I’m just a newbie into the world of affiliate marketing and blogging and I’m looking for ways to generate worthy traffic to my website. One thing I like most about this post is that all the highlighted recommendations are free. SEO has been the major point my upliner had told me about consistently that I must master to think of achieving success as a blogger. Thanks for this post

  15. Hi Hanna, Thanks a lot because I was struggling to get more traffic to my site. By following your tips I think I can increase traffic to my site. This article is very informative for me because I am a newbie to digital marketing and this can help me a lot to achieve success in online business. 

    Thank you for sharing such worthy information.

  16. Good Morning Hanna,

    Your title sounded really interesting. As a website owner, I was curious to read what tips you could give me on how to increase my traffic.

    The first and most important one is to write quality content, I am doing my best. Then come the backlinks. I normally put 3 to 6 backlinks in a post of approx 1500 words. 

    The joining of groups who might be interested in what I write about is something to consider. I am doing Pinterest and now think of joining FB. I noticed when I did a rank test the websites were “penalized” for not having Social Media. It seems that Pinterest does not count much there.

    I have done some Guest Blogging but could do more of that. All in all, I can see there is still a lot of work ahead of me. Having a website there is always room for improvement. Thank you for your advice, it really is helpful.

    Regards, Taetske 

    1. Thank you Taetske for sharing your thoughts about this article.

      I am glad that you find this checklist helpful.  Guest blogging and even using the platform Quora will definitely add traffic to your site.  It is good to try all the avenues I have mentioned above to help boost your traffic.

      All the best!

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