7 Tips On How To Get Visitors In Your Website [The Easy Way]

How to get visitors in your website the easy way
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At this point, you have created your own online business, your own website!


But now, the next thing to do.

How to get visitors in your website – the easy way?

How will you make people go to your website and read your posts and articles? You need to let the world know what you have written, and what is your business is all about.

It is now time to promote your business in order to start creating revenues. But how are you going to start?

How to get visitors on your website?

How to get visitors in your website the easy way

You need to have what you call TRAFFIC.

Traffic is the most important factor that is directly tied to your success. The more visitors or traffic you have, the more sales hence the more income. That`s pretty much is the reason why you are creating your online business after all.

If you are a beginner, this article is merely an introduction to getting visitors or traffic to your website without spending a lot of money. So, we are just covering the basic steps which will start your website rolling.

Just to give you an insight, there are 2 Main types to get traffic:

A FREE traffic and PAID traffic.

How to get visitors in your website the easy way

For this article, I am going to give you only the FREE traffic which I consider are the best ways and the easiest ways to promote your website and get to have visitors to read your articles.

Here are the basic best and easy ways to get visitors on your website:

1. SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATIONHow to get visitors in your website the easy way

Search engine optimization or SEO is the most important and the most helpful way of getting visitors on your website. This is a procedure that you apply on the contents of your websites to rank higher, meaning to be on the first page of Google or other forms of search engines. This takes a bit of understanding of how the search system of the internet works. (Read my article on Understanding SEO -The Basics)

It is basically on the keywords that you choose and use in your posts and articles. The good thing is, there are tools that can help you with it. Like the Jaaxy.

There are lessons and training too in some affiliate programs that will help you in SEO.

2. SOCIAL MEDIA MARKETINGHow to get visitors in your website the easy way

Opening a social media account plays a very important role in your marketing scheme. There are several social media out there like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitters, and many others. I think having at least 2 accounts will be very helpful.

Start sharing your blogs or your articles, or even sharing your thoughts and everyday activities. The main goal is introducing your website and your brand leading your contacts and friends to your website.

3. VIDEO MARKETINGHow to get visitors in your website the easy way

According to the survey, almost half of the successful online entrepreneurs get their sales and leads through YouTube. That is why most online affiliate marketers and bloggers are now opening an account to YouTube and share their thoughts and ideas through making videos.

I sometimes know to some, this is not their “thing”. But I assure you, there are ways you can pull this off. You will be amazed at how videos help you get visitors to your website.

4. GUEST BLOGGINGHow to get visitors in your website the easy way

It is also good to find websites (especially the most popular ones) which are with the same niche as yours. You can send a message to ask permission if you can be a guest blogger. This is helpful as you are introducing yourself as well and give them your link, as a form of promoting your site.

5. SUBMITTING ARTICLES TO DIRECTORIESHow to get visitors in your website the easy way

Submitting articles to online directories is perhaps one of the most valuable ways of driving traffic to your website. By writing and submitting articles to a directory of the same niche, you are almost guaranteed to getting traffic to your website for an extended period.

This is of course, as long as your articles stay in the directories. Some examples of directories where you can submit your articles are goarticles.com, ezinearticles.com, and articlecity.com, and many others.

6. POSTING IN FORUMSHow to get visitors in your website the easy way

An internet forum or message board is an online discussion site where people can chat or hold conversations in the form of posted messages. Examples of forums are Quora, slideshare.net, and many others.

Posting in some forums relevant to your niche will give you an opportunity to promote your website. If readers find your post interesting, and if it is something that they are looking for, then you have a good chance to get visitors to your site. So, make sure that your posts in forums are helpful and interesting.

7. WORD OF MOUTHHow to get visitors in your website the easy way

Well, I guess this is one of the easiest one. Promote your websites to your family, friends, and relatives. Ask them to share it with their friends and co-workers, acquaintances, and neighbors. This will definitely start your websites to have visitors.

In Conclusion,

In order to really be very successful in your online entrepreneurship, marketing your website is a very important factor and step. Being good at it takes time and effort. What I have enumerated are just simple basic ways. I haven’t discussed the PAID traffic yet, but as you go through your online business, you will encounter different ways that may help you achieve and increase traffic to your website.

Let me also tell you about the community I am connected with. This community also helps each other get traffic to their site by giving and asking for comments and feedback. This is actually a community helping each other achieve their goals.

I am inviting you to check it out. It is FREE to sign up, it will start you off with online training, 2 websites to start with, keyword research tool, and mentorship. I will be one of your mentor aside from other members of the community.

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Thank you and hope to see you inside.

If you have any questions, feel free to get in touch with me or leave a comment:)

10 Comments on “7 Tips On How To Get Visitors In Your Website [The Easy Way]”

  1. I used to hate the word traffic, until I joined the online marketing world. Then, I learnt that traffic itself is life. 

    There can’t be any blog or business without traffic. It’s perhaps, the most worrisome challenge for all bloggers and online entrepreneurs.

    Social media works a lot, and whoever isn’t using this tool for traffic generation is missing out. I also use forums to my advantage as well. I just keep maintaining my consistency on the platforms and answering some questions on quota with my post link, to help increase traffic to my website.

    1. Hi Louis, thanks for sharing your thoughts with regards to this article. 

      Definitely,  traffic is really one of the most important part of your online business.

      And yes, being consistent in the forums and quora are good platforms to create traffic.

      All the best!

  2. Thanks for sharing this article on how to get visitors into a website. This is the right article that bloggers especially newbie needs to make their website attract visitors and as well make them stay to read articles. I agree with you that getting traffic, through SEO, social media use, guest BLOGGING, video marketing, et al are essential in getting visitors to one’s site. This article is a must read for all bloggers. Good job!  

    1. Thanks Olalekan!

      For sure, getting traffic through these routes will get you visitors to your website.. plus also being consistent to doing it!

      All the best!

  3. Thanks for such a brilliant post, this is clearly a motivational post.Your article is an eye opener to gain traffic to my blog and this is boring to benefit my affiliate marketing. I will follow this step by step to get my targeted audience and turn them to active blog reader on my website. Wealthy affiliate has really helps in giving training to be a successful affiliate marketer and successful blogger. Thanks for the insight. Regards 

  4. Thank you for this awesome tips. Getting visitors to my website has been a great concern to me and I know that it has equally been of much concern to other internet marketers. I just got to know about submitting articles to Directories and I am intrigued to know more about it. I will need your assistance when I am ready for it soon. Thank you. 

    1. Thanks Kenechi.

      For sure, i can help you find the right directories to post your articles and boost your traffic.

      Do not hesitate to get in touch with me as soon as your ready. 

      Contact me @  hanna@myaffiliatediary.com

      All the best!

  5. I have a friend who built her own website 2years ago and I thought it would do well because she had a great niche on fitness and weight loss and she was a dietician turned fitness coach,so she was good at what she decided to blog about but alas,the last time I enquired,she said she had given up a long time ago,she said the website wasn’t yielding anything and the traffic was slow.

    And, after reading this article on the easy way to get traffic to websites, I think I know part of the reasons why the online business flopped. I would have to ensure that I take all the advice on optimizing the use of Jaxxy, social media,YouTube etc to ensure the success of mine.

    1. Hi Vapz, thanks for sharing your thoughts with regards to the article.

      Traffic is one of the most important key to be profitable in your online business.

      As i`ve mentioned in the article, there are more ways you can promote your website through free traffic and paid traffic.

      All the best!

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