Is Super Affiliate Network Scam? (Read This Before Joining)

Is Super Affiliate Network Scam? Read This Before Joining!

Have you heard about the Super Affiliate Network?

Is Super Affiliate Network Scam?

I have been reading some reviews about this program on the internet, some saying it is a scam and some say it is a legitimate platform that will help you make money online by using their special digital marketing tactics that have helped a lot of people.

I myself are curious about this program so I dived into it and find out what the Super Affiliate Network is about.

Like myself, I know you want to find out the real truth behind the Super Affiliate Network or SAN, if it is a legitimate platform or a scam, or if it is even worth your time and money.

Keep reading this as I will give you a piece of detailed information you need to know before joining this program.

This is my Super Affiliate Network Review.

Overview and RatingIs Super Affiliate Network Scam? Read This Before Joining

Name of Product: The Super Affiliate Network

Product Owner: Misha Wilson

Product Website:

Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training Course Rating: 5 out of 10

What Is Super Affiliate Network About?

The Super Affiliate Network is an affiliate program which uses a compilation of video training courses and an affiliated community who teaches people about setting up their own profitable affiliate marketing business.

It`s services also include top of the line information products, one on one mentorship, and in person hands-on training.

It became so popular around the Internet because it is created by Misha Wilson who is known as the youngest and fastest growing traffic and conversion expert on the Internet.

Read more about Misha Wilson in his blog.

Is Super Affiliate Network Scam? Read This Before Joining

Currently, he is a very young and successful multi-million Internet marketer online today and he achieved his success through affiliate marketing.

The Super Affiliate Network is the company that he has created and has started to help people achieve success in the same way as he did. His platform is basically based on the strategy he used to become a successful affiliate marketer.

Knowing that Misha Wilson has such a good background and very successful, you would think that this platform is something worth joining.

But wait, until I finish this review and decide from there.

I will be sharing with you my final thoughts about SAN at the end of the review because I think that the Super Affiliate Network has signs of a pyramid scheme.

I am not really a fan of pyramid schemes – I stay away from this if I feel that there are signs.

How Does The Super affiliate Network Work?

First of all, you have to join the Super Affiliate Network.

To join, the fee is $1 for a 30-day trial.

After you have joined the program they will be offering you upsells right away. Basically, SAN is all about its memberships, courses, and upsells.

Their memberships are classified into 3 main categories:

(1) Basic Membership costs $47/month.

In the basic membership, there is a 3 week Bootcamp course about affiliate marketing. It will cover a wide range of topics which includes mindset, psychology, email marketing, list building, selling, and automation.

This course has 21 modules and you need to complete one module per day in these 3 weeks.

When you join their program, you will be assigned with a coach to guide you along the way. After every module, there will be a quiz for you to complete and you will need to discuss it with your coach before he or she will unlock the next module for you to make sure you understand all the details in each step.

I have mentioned that the joining fee is $1 for a 30-day trial. You can save $10 per month if you skip the $1 trial. This means that starting from the first month you will be paying $37 per month until you cancel.

However, immediately after you have purchased their basic membership, they will be selling to you 2 more apps that you will need.:

  • The “Solo Ad Success Formula” is an in-depth course an email marketing strategies the charges $97, a one time fee for new members; and
  • The “Super Affiliate Monthly Newsletter” which is a monthly video update from Misha Wilson showing the things that are currently working for Misha himself and how to apply it. This cost is $47 which is a one time fee.

(2) Pro Membership costs $2,497, a one-time fee.

This is the membership for their more advanced training, support, and help. This is for members who want to scale up their business with the better marketing funnel, sales letters, strategies and so on.

You will have access to monthly and weekly coaching as well as a private Facebook group for further support and mastermind

(3) Maui Intensive Mentoring costs $12,497, a one-time fee.

This is an exclusive event for the Mastermind members, and it is done in Maui, where you can work directly with Misha and his team to help build your personal marketing funnels.

So far this may seem like a pretty good platform, really built to help entrepreneurs.

Is Super Affiliate Network A Scam? Read This before joining

Let me look into it`s good and bad points of the program, and then I will tell you what`s the real score behind this affiliate program.

What are the Good Things About Super Affiliate Network?

  • It only has $1 trial fee.

This is actually not too bad, being able to try the system for $1 is a very good offer.

  • It has a 30-day money back guarantee.

The Super affiliate network has a refund policy.

If you are not satisfied with the program within 30 days they will not just refund you but give you $100 for “just wasting your time.” This is, however, for the Basic Membership. For Pro Membership, they will give you $1000 back.

This may sound very appealing and convincing but there are some criteria you need to achieve before you can have your money back. For example, you need to complete all courses and have at least 3 calls with your designated coach.

You better check the refund policy before joining into this program. But still, having such refund policy in place is still a good thing for this program.

  • Their courses and videos are very detailed.

The Super Affiliate Network’s video courses are professionally recorded. Their content is clear and detailed.

They have even arranged them into different days of homework to complete so it makes things very clear especially for beginners to follow along.

  • The creator, Misha Wilson is a real person.

A company that won’t show or reveal the real creators and owners to the public is an indication that it is a scam. They sometimes even hire actors to simply hide their team and founders completely.

But in the case of SAN, it is a good sign that this is a company that is owned by real people.

What Are The Bad Things About Super Affiliate Network?

  • It has features of a pyramid scheme.

Even though SAN has quite a lot of in-depth training, their focus is to help its members to promote their program by making sure they sign-up to different categories especially the most expensive ones.

This is the only way they earn their commission: from the products or membership levels you have personally purchased.

For example, if you have a Basic membership and someone joins and ended up signing to become a Pro Member through your affiliate link, you won’t be able to earn any commission from his Pro Membership upgrade simply because you’re not a Pro Member yourself.

This is simply a strategy they are using to encourage more people to keep upgrading their membership so they pay them more money. The claim that the higher your membership level the more commission you can earn.

Although they do provide legitimate training and support, this strategy is a sign of a pyramid scheme.

In fact, this type of program is not uncommon, take a look at my The Six Figure Mentors Review.

This kind of programs are showing the same characteristics: (1) high ticket membership products, (2) more focused on promoting themselves, and (3) require members to pay expensive membership costs in order to be qualified for commission.

  • It is focused on solo ads and email marketing only.

This is a huge concern I have for the Super Affiliate Network training. It focuses mainly on generating traffic through Solo Ads and making affiliate sales through email marketing.

I know these methods are legitimate. It is effective if you do it correctly. So, they totally missed out on building an authority website and generating free organic traffic which is the best and proven strategy that I believed in.

In fact, Solo ads can be very expensive and sometimes may be ineffective too.

SAN doesn’t have a proper system and technology in place for people to easily build and host a website.

  • Courses are locked.

I have mentioned that courses are locked and can only be unlocked after you successfully complete the quiz from the previous course and contacted your coach.

This prevents beginners from going too fast and skips the necessary details but for people with some experience, this will be very restrictive and annoying. There are some situations wherein you want to skip a course because you already know something about it.

The feeling is just not good and I’m sure some members are not happy about it.

  • The cost is very expensive.

The Basic Membership is not expensive because it’s only $1 dollar 30-day trial. But the expensive part comes after you’ve joined their platform, they will be offering you upsells right away.

Aside from the Pro Membership and the Maui Training, the added expenses will be the other tools such as solo ads and email marketing.

Overall, I just feel that this is a very expensive program and you are limited to use their resource and promote their products.

Is the Super Affiliate Network Scam?

The Super Affiliate Network by Misha Wilson is not a scam because they have quite a lot of legitimate training resources and support.

As I’ve mentioned earlier, I am not a fan of pyramid scheme features and their total lack of emphasis on building websites and search engine optimization.

Since I see some flags of a pyramid scheme (such as selling products/membership in order to earn) I do not at all recommend the program.

My Final Thoughts.

The Super Affiliate Network is a thorough affiliate marketing training platform but its focus is on Solo Ads and Email marketing and promoting its own membership. It has some pyramid scheme features which I am not really fond of that is why I do not recommend it and should stay away from.

I still believe in using the most effective way of earning money online. It is by using a proven strategy that has helped me and a thousand of other entrepreneurs, beginners and experienced alike.

This particular strategy is something I have learned in Wealthy Affiliate. I invite you to join this community, it is free to join.

Your Free Membership includes:

  • 10-lessons to start building your online business
  • 2 websites to start with domains and hosting
  • use of keyword research tool
  • and mentorship (including me to personally guide you).

Try it for free, no risk at all. Start learning the strategy that helped me build a profitable online business.

If you have any questions or thoughts about this review, please leave a comment below.

All the best!

6 Comments on “Is Super Affiliate Network Scam? (Read This Before Joining)”

  1. Hi. Very informative review. I’ve seen Super Affiliate Network advertised but have not tried the $1 30 day trial. After reading your review it looks like it’s a cross between the Upsell and MLM. They want to rope you into shelling out the big money so you can too make commission on the big money upsells. Thanks for setting the record straight.

    1. Hi Michael, you are welcome and thank you for leaving a comment.  You are definitely right, this kind of platform just want to get more money to create more money (of course!).

      All the best!

  2. Yes, my opinion is this sounds like a bunch of hullabaloo.  Honestly, I can’t stand these programs that are just there to promote themselves.  I belong to Wealthy Affiliate, which is an affiliate marketing platform, and yes, they do offer an affiliate program and training to promote their program, but they actually train you to promote ANY product or program, not just theirs, and they don’t have any upsells.  You join and that’s it.  That’s what I like about it.  I can’t stand it when you sign up and pay and then they want more and more and more to really make money.  It’s ridiculous.  

    I’m so happy you wrote this review.  I had heard of this program, but I can see now that it is not for me.

    1. Hi Babsie, I am glad that you find this review helpful. It is always good to give people (especially affiliate marketers who are new to this) a heads up on what programs are legitimate.  It is always smart to research first before joining anything.

      All the best!

  3. Hey Hanna

    Thanks a lot for the very thorough review and details explanation the super affiliate network. I’ve hear about this program before but never know what it really is about.

    I’ve read your review above and I agree with you it does look like pyramid scheme features. Another thing is I think their membership price is too expensive. Plus, you need to spend more money for the apps even after become a member.

    Honestly, I don’t think this type of program suit me.

    Thanks for taking your time to put all these together Hanna.


    1. Hi Samm, I am glad that this article/review is helpful for you.  You should stay away from programs like this.  Find a platform that really will suit your need. 

      All the best!

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