What Is The Profit Shortcut? (The Hidden Truth!)

What Is The Profit Shortcut? The Hidden Truth!

I am so curious about this program, same as you probably, because as the name implies, The Profit Shortcut, I wonder, will this really give me a shortcut to earn a profit?

What is the Profit Shortcut really?

I am glad you are here to find out more about the Profit Shortcut.

Do you think there will really be a profit at all, in the first place?

Is it a scam or a legitimate program to make money online?

You will find out more about this program as I will provide you a detailed review. Then at the end, I will give you my opinion if this is something I will recommend earning money online.

This is my The Profit Shortcut Review.

Overview and RatingWhat is The Profit Shortcut? The Hidden Truth

Product Name: The Profit Shortcut

Product Owner/Founder: “Ace”/ Super Affiliate Network?

Product Website: https://www.theprofitshortcut.com/

Product Type: Multi-Level Marketing

myaffiliatediary.com Rating: 3 out of 10

What Is The Profit Shortcut About?

There is a Sales Video about the Profit Shortcut.

What is The Profit Shortcut? The Hidden Truth!

Immediately at the beginning of the video, there are already a handful of testimonials from people saying that they made a huge amount of money from using the program.

Right off the bat, I am suspecting right away that this might be one of those get-rich-fast schemes. Those systems that it really looks so easy to make money online – fast and easy.

Throughout the video, they put emphasis on the amount of money you can make by using their system. You do not need to have experience or any knowledge about making money on the internet. This program will teach you everything.

The video claims that the system is created for you, so the websites are ready-to-made and ready to earn income for you. It also claims about email marketing, already written and prepared, there are videos you can share and other sales materials. It claims that these are all ready and done for you by marketing experts. You will also get your own mentor.

So, basically, The Profit Shortcut, as claimed, is a ready done deal!

It is a system that you just need to “copy and paste”!

Not only that, the video mentioned: “the fastest path” to make money online!

Wow! That sounds really amazing and it surely is a “get-rich-fast” scheme!

Who Are The Owners Of The Profit Shortcut?

Now, this is where I got confused when I was watching the sales video.

The lady in the video called herself “Ace”, talked about joining her team “if you want to make money online” because she makes a lot of money too!

But, you will notice that most of the testimonials refer to “The Super Affiliate Network”. So, I think that there is really NO program called The Profit Shortcut. It is from the same people that have the Super Affiliate Network.

So, if this is The Super Affiliate Network, the owner of that program is Misha Wilson, her mentor.

That`s already a big flag there!

When a program sounds confusing – even just trying to know who is its legitimate owners, that particular program is hiding something.

“Ace” must also be one of the members that have recruited a lot of sign-ups, as this is how an MLM business operates.

“Ace” is none other than a member who is also trying to recruit others into the business in order to earn money.

So, “Ace” sort of, copied and paste what she just learned from the Super Affiliate Network.

How Does The Profit Shortcut Work?

Basically, the Profit Shortcut is a Multi-level Marketing Program. You need to recruit people to sign-up.

The Profit Shortcut was created by an affiliate (“Ace”) of The Super Affiliate Network in order to drive more leads to the program.

The business model uses a hierarchical structure, just like a pyramid scheme, where members recruit others to their team. So, even though they didn’t mention in the video, I believe you have to purchase their products before you can promote and sell it.

This is how MLM`s works. To really become successful, you need to recruit others and it is through them when they sign-up and make sales, you will start to see commissions rolling in.

The products promoted by MLM are usually costly, so you can really earn high commissions if you make sales and recruit a lot of people.

Now, let us go back to “Ace”.

As I`ve said, “Ace” made the sales video of The Profit Shortcut, to recruit members to her team.

Now, you see, it usually takes a lot of skills to this, and all this marketing system. If you are going to sign-up to their program and just rely on their “pre-made” system, do you think you can earn as much as “Ace”?

Well, probably so if you have all those skills to start with, you can.

How Much Does It Cost To Join The Profit Shortcut?

It does tell you that it only cost $37 to join the program.

But, you will be presented with some further cost after signing up. You will expect them to try to get you ready to upgrade to the most expensive memberships.

The basic membership is $47.

The Pro Membership costs over $2,000.

You can also get the Maui Intensive Membership which will cost you over $12,000.

The thing is, if you really want to earn a huge commission from the expensive memberships, you will really need to invest in them.

For example, if one of your recruits buys a Pro Membership before you, the big commission will pass up to the next sponsor at that level. So, for you not to miss out the commissions, you are required to spend thousands of dollars just for the memberships alone!!

There is still another cost that you need in order to be successful in their program.

There are solo ads and email marketing service you need to purchase.

There is also some payment to rent email lists from other marketers in order to email this system to their subscribers.

You have to understand how making money online works in order for you to be successful even with this “pre-made” marketing system.

Can You Really Make Money With The Profit Shortcut?

Probably you can if you are willing to spend thousands of dollars and extremely work hard to recruit others and hoping that they will also recruit other people.

Remember, the only way you can make money is if ever they sign-up for membership and also if they also recruit people – the downlines.

I know there are a lot of testimonials on the sales video, but the Profit Shortcut Income disclosure says otherwise.

Here is a snapshot of their Profit Shortcut Income Disclosure.

What Is The Profit Shortcut? The Hidden Truth!

In here, you will notice that most members (rookie rank) are earning an income of $103 a year. There are only 12 people (influencer and leader ranks) who are making what you would consider a good income.

Just seeing this table already tells me that when most members are making less money than they are spending, I do not consider it a great program to start with (plus all the flags). You will not see a profitable income in this kind of platforms.

The way this system operates is not going to be profitable in the long run.


The Super Affiliate Network, where the Shortcut Profit really came from, does not provide any tangible products to the public, so basically no retail sales.

People are invited to join to learn from the training and then will force you to participate in the business opportunity.

As I`ve mentioned earlier, the training will teach you how to “copy and paste” their system. The training is not really teaching the member how to create a business, but to copy and paste what they were doing.

The problem with this kind of programs, if people stop joining and no members sign up, the whole scheme will fall down.

That`s what happened to some programs similar to this. Remember the MOBE? This is a program that was shut down by the FTC some months ago.

It turned out, MOBE is a pyramid scheme so I won`t be surprised if the same thing happens to Super Affiliate Network.

Is The Profit Shortcut A Scam?

Although some people claim they made money, I am not really sure if they made money through The Profit Shortcut or the Super Affiliate Network.

Because of this confusion, I consider The Profit Shortcut a scam!

The sales video is also very misleading. Some say there was a video almost the same, but the narrator was named “Sarah” not “Ace”.

I don’t see any picture of “Ace” in the sales video, only her voice so I wouldn’t trust her.

She was using scam tactics (like “the fastest way to make money online”) to get you to buy into this program.

Also, saying that it has “limited spot”, so the viewer really needs to sign up right away.

So, The Profit Shortcut by itself is the scam, but for the Super Affiliate Network,  not totally a scam, but do I recommend it? (READ my Super Affiliate Network Review). This is because they give something for your money.

Although, Super Affiliate Network is a very expensive and ready-made platform that is not a beginner-friendly business platform.

It is also a system that lets you spend a lot of money just to participate in their affiliate program, which is not good because affiliate programs are usually free to join.

My Final Thoughts.

I personally do not recommend The Profit Shortcut system. It has all the flags of a getting-rich-fast scheme that will just let you spend so much money and possibly may not earn anything or just a little.

The real making money online is knowing how the whole affiliate marketing works.

You need to learn how the business marketing model really takes place so you will know how you can create, manage, and be profitable in your own online business.

This is how I created my very own profitable online business. READ MY STORY!

Let me invite you to do the same.

If you are just a beginner to affiliate marketing or someone who doesn’t know where to start, I invite you to join in my community of entrepreneurs.

This is a program that taught me everything about creating my own online business by using a proven strategy.

Having a sustainable online business takes time, effort, and dedication. It is not a get-rich-fast scheme but it is the most effective way to create a profitable online business in the long run.

Get your new career today!

If you have any thoughts with regard to this review, please leave a comment down below.

All the best!

18 Comments on “What Is The Profit Shortcut? (The Hidden Truth!)”

  1. Thanks for your detailed review of The Profit Shortcut (aka Super Affiliate Network)

    It’s disturbing how many of these schemes seem to proliferate the Internet. 

    I think multi-level-marketing schemes should be outlawed because they rarely make any money for those that join – ultimately only favoring the creator. Systems like this one – where the price of the products is especially high should definitely be controlled. $12,000 for their top-level membership? That’s obscene! It also makes me wonder if the creator is trying to make as much money as possible before the FTC gets involved.

    I wonder how many people, desperate to make money online have left themselves in debt to pay to get into this scam?

    In my experience, the only way to make money online is through dedicated and consistent hard work.

    1. That’s right Phil, I do believe too that the only way to make money online is through dedication and real hard work.  Finding the right training and platform too is also important, especially if you are just starting. 

      Thank you for your comment. All the best!

  2. Wow, I had no idea that “ACE” had her own product out.  Yeah, she recently stepped away from The Super Affiliate Network.  But it sounds like maybe she is looking at getting back involved.  The people she referenced as testimonials are all in The Super Affiliate Network.

    I recently wrote a review of The Super Affiliate Network. 

    It’s not a SCAM but I definitely would steer away!

    1. Thanks for your comment, Brian.

      So, I guess, “Ace” is really an affiliate of The Super Affiliate Network who is trying to promote the latter.  And I do mention too that The Super Affiliate Network is not a scam, but definitely something you wouldn`t bother joining.

      All the best!

  3. Great review Hanna,

    There are just so many programs today that mask their real intention which is to scam people and give them nothing in return. I went through several programs myself which claims to teach internet marketing but in the end, it’s also actually masking it’s real MLM intention. Thanks for exposing this scam, we need more people like you to help all the small people avoid this kind of pitfall. Cheers

    1. Thank you, Riaz, for your comment. I am glad you find this review helpful and I will definitely try my very best to review programs and make sure to share it to people like you.

      All the best!

  4. Awesome review Hanna,

    Basic membership $47 and Pro membership costs $2,000? Wow, that’s a really far away gap for people like me it’s off-putting even before we actually started but that income disclosure is what worries me. It reminds me of an MLM company called Thirty-One gifts with members barely earing anything and it’s really sad to see. 

    I hope your review can give insight to many people like me to avoid such pitfalls and focus out time on something better, thanks so much for sharing!

  5. Anytime I see the word ‘shortcut’, I see a red flag. This is so suspicious especially with identifying the owner. There are so many of these schemes offering big money for a seemingly small outlay, but to get to the next level where you earn real money you have to pay so much. Thanks for this review. I need to know the good platforms and also know which ones to avoid.

    1. You`re welcome JJ.  I am glad you found this review helpful.  It is really my purpose to help affiliate marketers to get to the right platform that is legit and will really give them profit at the end.  

      All the best!

  6. Thanks for the review.

    Before i used to hear a lot of get rich fast on-line with these steps or something like that. Then I started reviewing a lot of ways to make on-line and found that there is no such things as get rich fast, well only in lottery and that also with a very high risk and very low chance.

    Having these kinds of reviews will really help people out. So thanks.

  7. I totally agree with you that if a website is confusing, especially with who created the system, that’s a huge red flag!  There seem to be a lot of get rich quick schemes that turn out to be pyramids, more red flags! I certainly don’t want to base my career on having “downlines” as you need in MLMs. I’m looking for ways to create a business that is completely based on my hard work. Thank you for this review!

    1. That is right Tama.  The real and legitimate form of online business, or any kind of business for that matter, is something based on your dedication and hard work. The payout for this kind of business is huge, a lifetime success!

      Thank you for your comment.  All the best!

  8. Thank you for your post. It’s the first time I got multi-level-marketing so well explained with facts and figures. 
    I totally agree with you that one should think twice before subscribing for such a program with huge hidden expenses if you want to follow the best of their system.

    “Ace” is probably someone recruiting for another program, in the hope she will become a mentor herself. 

    The business model that MLM implements have a lack of transparency and can create a lot of frustration in contradiction to normal affiliate programs like WA .

    1. It is really smart to get cautious in joining any affiliate programs.  Researching and reading reviews about it will be very helpful.

      Yes, Wealthy Affiliateis the platform that I recommend.  It has all the qualities of a program that will help you achieve success in affiliate marketing.

      Thank you for your comment. All the best!

  9. I don’t like anything related to MLM companies. They make people believe that they can make money on a short period of time which is not true. I participated in one program a long time ago. They promised me, that if I get referrals and I sale the product for 6 months I would get a huge amount of money. Of course, that did not happen.

    It is really great to find articles related to those MLM companies, most of them tell that everything is awesome and profitable. However, after reading your article, I don’t find this profit shortcut is reliable as you showed that it may take a year of hard work to make around $100 which is basically nothing for 12 months.

    Now I’m aware of this, in case I see this “opportunity” to make money online.

    Thank you for the article. 

    1. Hi Andres, I am glad you find this kind of reviews helpful for you. At least, you are given a heads-up just in case you will encounter this kind of program.

      Thank you for your comment.  All the best!

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