Lessons On How To Become An Affiliate Marketer Online

How to become an affiliate marketer online

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So, I guess you have decided to know about affiliate marketing and probably thought maybe you`d like to become one.

How To Become An Affiliate Marketer Online?

And a successful one!

Have you been living the rat race life for quite a while and now you`ve grown tired of the boss breathing down on your neck and the exhausting office politics?

Or maybe you simply need an extra source of income?

Whatever your reason may be if you want some good decent income going your bank account`s way, doing affiliate marketing can be a very viable path to follow.

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

It is a technique posing as a business opportunity that lets those with entrepreneurial spirit explore the world of passive income through marketing products for other businesses, so ever you get a sale, you can earn income through commissions.

Here Are The Lessons On How To Become An Affiliate Marketer Online:

1. Choosing your niche well.

What is a niche? It is the topic or the main idea of your online business. For example, if you want to create an online business about shoes, shoes will be your niche. Making money online can also be a niche. There are many ideas for niches so you have to do research about it. (Read on how to find a niche?)

One of the most important factors to consider in doing affiliate marketing is choosing the best affiliate products to market. It can make or break your earnings. If you have a certain field that you`re most interested in, the easier you can go through the process of deciding what affiliate program to join. So start making a list of your interests and see what affiliate programs come up from that list.

From that list, you may want to research the market of that particular niche.  Do you think it will be profitable in the long run?

Initially, when deciding on a niche for a website, I will just go with whatever you may have interest in.  But based on my experience, you would also like to consider the idea of the market and where to market this niche.  Remember, you are making online business to make money.  So, also consider what niche will create for you the best revenue.

So, do your best and do your research before finalizing your niche.

2. Creating a website.

Probably you are wondering, how am I going to make a website? Do you have to pay someone to make you one?

The good news? Nowadays, there are training and tools that can help you do this, no codings needed.

There are affiliate platforms that can help you make one. So, no worries, even if you are a newbie in this, it all can be taught for you. (Read on How to create a website step by step).

Just to be clear, it is possible to make money online without creating a website.  But through my experience, one of the best ways to make the most bucks in affiliate marketing is through the creation of a well-designed website and making sure you have well-written high-quality contents.

Make sure that your site is easy to navigate and compels targeted visitors to convert, either to sign up under you as referrals or to purchase the products you are marketing.

3. Attracting visitors to your website.

So, you have created a beautiful website but how are you going to let the people know that you have a website. The next thing you keep in mind is promoting your website is a part of being an affiliate marketer.

There are ways on how to attract visitors to your website to gain traffic, both free and paid traffic ones.

Read my article on The Secret On How To Increase Traffic To Your Website For Free.

There are lessons you can learn how to achieve gaining traffic by understanding how the search engine optimization (SEO) works.

Learning how SEO works is essential in creating contents or articles for your website. Understanding what keywords to use and how to use them for your articles can make your website be found by the search engines. There are tools that can be helpful for you in finding the right keywords like Jaaxy.

Social media which is huge nowadays can also be helpful in attracting visitors to your website.  You can use Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, YouTube, Quora, Forums, and a lot more. You can promote your website through these platforms. But of course, you make sure to promote them in the right groups and followers.

If done right from finding the right keywords to use and proper promotions by leveraging social media and forums, you will then achieve visitors and increase traffic to your website.

4. Monetizing your website.

This part lies your income.

When you are choosing your niche, I have mentioned doing research properly.  Included in that research is finding the availability of the affiliations you can join on that particular niche.

So hopefully at this time, you already know the affiliate programs (it is always free to join), or even have joined some affiliations to market.

If so, now you have to add links to your sites.

In every affiliation, they are going to give you a personal link for you to use, your referral link. That means, if you are putting links in your site, whenever someone is interested in what you offer, they will click that link and the commission of that sale go to you.

Attracting a lot of visitors to your site will gain you a passive income in the long run.

In Conclusion,

Understanding all the four lessons above on how to become an affiliate marketer online, and also if followed correctly, will help you become an affiliate marketer.

But of course, not just an affiliate marketer but a successful one!

Which is totally possible! All it takes is your time and effort and the perseverance to do it! Then, add the right mentors, the right platform, and the right tools, you will definitely achieve your goal.

You see, I started in this career with no knowledge of creating websites, no experience of this kind of job. It just so happened I found the right mentors and the right platform.

Although it is not that easy, I realize that just like in any other kinds of jobs,  in order to be successful you need to work hard and be focused on what you want to achieve.

As I’ve said, dedicate yourself and you will be successful.

Are you ready to become an affiliate marketer? TAKE ACTION NOW.

Get to know the platform that I used, it is my #1 recommendation. Fortunately, it is free to sign up just for you to see how great it is. If ever you take this opportunity to take action, I will be one of the members of the community to help you get through this and make you a very successful affiliate marketer.

Hoping to see you in the inside.  All the best!

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If you have any questions or just want to share your thoughts about the topic, feel free to leave a comment.

14 Comments on “Lessons On How To Become An Affiliate Marketer Online”

  1. I think it is a really big luck that I found your website when I just started an affiliate marketing on Wealthy affiliate. I have been looking for a website that will point me to the right path in blogging and website creation. There are tutorials for website creation in wealthy affiliate platforms but I sure will find it more interesting to share and interact with you through your website and also as a guideline. 

    1. Thank you Ayodeji for sharing your thoughts. 

      If you need anything that i can be of help, just let me know.

      All the best!

  2. Becoming an affiliate marketer online looks like a really popular business at the moment. You article is an amazing guide for all the beginners who want to become an affiliate marketer online. You have listed everything step by step and also in an easy and understandable way. That makes it even easier for them to follow it.Thank you so much got sharing this post.

    1. Thanks Sujandar for sharing your thoughts.

      Yes, these are simple steps to follow.  Aside from these, give time and effort to your online business and you will surely reach your goal.

      All the best!

  3. I won’t say I’m a newbie to the affiliate marketing world, neither will I say I’m a pro.., I’m an online affiliate marketer and I know what it takes to market online, sometimes it can be very frustrating when you have tried all your best to market a specific product and you are not getting sales or returns. I was once in that category as a newbie and I won’t say I’m perfect now, I still have my ups and downs of affiliate marketing.. But with this article I just finished reading, I just discovered that having a website is one of the basic needs of all online affiliate marketer.. I will see to having a website and use them in marketing products. Thanks for this article, it has really gave me a new perspective about affiliate marketing..

    1. Hi geebehn, thank you for sharing your thoughts.

      You are right, there are definitely several other ways to be an affiliate marketer online.  And for me, having your own website creates the best result. But in any other ways, in order to be successful online, you really need to give time and effort, and most of stay focused!

  4. I have been working part-time online on and off for a few years. I have seen a few different products, markets, and affiliate programs. Most lead you in with the opportunity to make money overnight. They just suck you into one up-sale after another.
    Then I found WA. They allow your full access for the first 7 days to give you a true assessment of their program. Like most how have tried WA, you will become hooked on the why the program progresses. However, the best part is there is NOT a bunch of up-sales. Basically just 2. The top sale is under $400 for a 1-year membership to the continued training by some incredible people.
    Who can argue with that?

    1. HI Ken, thank you for leaving a comment.
      You are correct! There are so many affiliate platforms that promises getting rich easily. With Wealthy Affiliate they promise you that they are going to give you the right tools and trainings to make you successful in affiliate marketing. In everything, it takes time and effort to succeed.
      All the best!

    1. Hi Este, thank you for leaving a comment, and you`re welcome. I am glad this article is helpful for you.
      All the best!

  5. What I love about affiliate marketing is its ease to get started on. There’s really nothing more to getting started than what you laid out above. While there’s a lot of work involved and achieving the four steps will only come in time, the process itself is straightforward. My advice would be to stick with it over the long haul, celebrate the little things, and build your online dynasty.

    1. Hi Todd, thank you for your comment!
      You are definitely right! Sticking with it, be focused, and just keep going until you reach that goal.
      I know there will be “shiny objects” around, but as long as you stay with one goal (one goal at a time), and build your online dynasty (as you`ve said), anything is achievable.
      All the best!

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