20 Ways On How To Make Money On A Blog For Beginners

How to make money on a blog for beginners

For sure, you really can make money on a blog!

Through the years, probably since the internet had been created, many entrepreneurs were able to find ways of getting into the online business. It all started on helping people answering their inquiries using the search engines. Such as finding the best weight loss diet or buying what they needed online and so many other reasons they wanted to get answers and help right away.

One way or another, the internet became a very good way to do business. Entrepreneurs started creating websites for entertainment, e-commerce, and many more other forms of services and business including blogs or posting articles.

Blogging became one of the most profitable ways of making money online.

For me, as an affiliate marketer, this is a great opportunity for me.

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Here are some of the easiest ways to make money on a blog:


This is one of the most common ways to make money in your blog. Blogs have come a long way at this time from Adsense and BlogAds. However, keep in mind you are not limited to selling banner ad spots, which is generally an ineffective strategy these days. There are other ways, you can consider other areas that you could rent out space, as space on your pop-up box, social media headers, at the end of your posts or articles, or even when you are starting your email newsletters. Think outside the box (quite literally).


For me, affiliate sales comprise a large chunk of revenue for the most popular bloggers. This is when you tie-up with affiliate programs such as Amazon.com, Clickbank.com, or any other companies that offer affiliations. There so many services and products to choose from according to the niche (topic) of your blog. There are some affiliates that exist from a very small company to a large one. Just make sure to choose a very good affiliate program.


If your blog`s niche is not much into services, it is also a great way to make some extra cash and build your reputation by selling services related to the topic of your blog. For example, if your topic is about making money online, you can offer service on how to build a website.


What types of product or services do your audience frequently ask for recommendations on? Compile a list and then approach relevant businesses to sign up for your business directory.

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Not many bloggers had explored this avenue of revenue generation for blogs until recently when both the bloggers and companies realized that blogs could be an excellent way to advertise and sell their products. The sponsorships are generally on a per-post basis.


It is quite common for experts to start their own blogs to create income by offering their services as a consultant. Apparently, there is a need for consultants in nearly every niche. They are charged by the hour through phone, email or Skype.


Similar to consulting, coaching or mentoring is usually more on a one-on-one service while consultancy is generally provided to organizations or teams. Put together a range of packages you can offer like hourly consults or offer pre-built several packages to choose from.


In-depth tutorials are great for getting links and social shares. However, they can also be a great way to earn money on your blog. There are a number of ways you can make this happen. Such as included affiliate links for the products you use in your tutorials, promote your own products in the tutorials, write a tutorial to promote an advertiser`s product line in a sponsored post.


There are thousands of people who are searching for products online. You can reach out to these searchers by writing reviews on these products or services. Be sure, to be honest, and clarify that a positive review isn’t guaranteed (or the best way to promote a product is a product that offers a money back guarantee).

How to write product reviews


Are you interested in selling products in your blog, and at the same time, do not want to deal with shipping and inventory? Dropshipping is a  great way to sell products with very little risk. The potential here is huge and with the right product and targeted audience, you are a sure way to create income even with just a single product.


Resource lists tell your audience what tools, product or services you use or recommend. They are a great way to provide a valuable service to your audience, while also earning you money through affiliate links or paid placements. Just make sure to disclose which links you benefit from and which you don’t.


Hosting paid webinars is an option for many online businesses to generate leads and eventually revenues. Just make sure you are offering exceptional value which means that you are offering something very special and helpful to someone on that particular niche.


You can definitely design your own website that offers an online course with special tools. Like for example signing up to a certain affiliate platform like Builderall which will help you build you an online course.  They have templates that are easy to follow.  Having an online course which you can offer is really very profitable especially if you are really good and passionate on a certain niche that you are promoting and thus, it will be easy for you to make a  “teach on how-to-do-things” courses.


You can work hand in hand with some business that you are promoting an offer to host a contest on your blog or social media. This is a good way to increase awareness of their business among your followers, and if done well will definitely create leads and revenues.


If you have a piece of in-depth knowledge in your niche, package it up and make it an e-book which you can sell in your blog. This will really create you better revenue selling in your own site instead of selling it through Amazon or Kobo.



Build a virtual community on your blog by using some plugins in WordPress or host it on your social media page. With so many free groups out there, just be sure you are offering something of value.


I have mentioned dropshipping earlier, but this time, what if you really have your own products and want to sell online. It is actually easy to do this on your blog by adding a plugin like WooCommerce. Whether you are selling handmade goods, your own digital products, or other relevant products, this is actually a great way to create revenue on your website.


A good template can save your audience time and money. Templates can work in almost any niche: examples are for business- new client contract template; for fitness – a 30-day workout template; for health – 3 month clean eating templates, etc. So, create a template according to your chosen niche and sell it through your website.


Host a boot camp for your audience to help them accomplish a specific goal. Here are some examples: for the fitness niche (like a 30-day “get in shape” boot camp), business (“create your website boot camp”), or home and lifestyle (“Make your bedroom for just $200”). You can make a boot camp in any niche and propagate some income.


Creating a job board on your site is also a great way to make your blog “sticky” – meaning you get visitors returning again and again. At the same time, it is also a great way to earn some income.

My Final Thoughts

Surely enough, you can really make money on a blog! The above ways are just a few ways to create income. As soon as you start finding ways on how to create revenues on your blog, you will definitely stick to this field and still will continue on making sure you will create more and more revenues. The potential is unlimited!

Most of these ways I have actually learned from the platform that I have been using as an affiliate marketer. It taught me almost everything I need to know to start an online business.  From creating your own website, tons of training and lessons which helped me become an affiliate, lots of guidelines from several mentors, and provided me with the right tools which I can easily use.  All these in one single platform!

I highly recommend this platform to you and the good thing, you can sign up for FREE NO CREDIT CARD NEEDED so you can experience it yourself. By doing so, RIGHT AWAY, you can start writing blogs and creating your own websites for free, and eventually create for your passive income.

If you do so, I will see you in the inside:)

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16 Comments on “20 Ways On How To Make Money On A Blog For Beginners”

  1. Good points you’ve got here,

    The blog space is something not many would realize, it’s actually one of the easiest forms to make money off a blog but so many new bloggers do not take advantage of this and I think it might be because since they just started, they might find it confusing to get started. Which one would you recommend more on the ad space, is it better to put sponsored products there, or our own affiliate programs?

    1. Hi Riaz, thanks for sharing your thoughts with regards to the topic.

      For the ad space, i find it easier to promote something that is related to your niche.  So, if your blog is about making money online, affiliates with regards to it is better.

      Hope that answer helps your question.  If you have any other inquiries, do not hesitate to contact me:


  2. Wow, so many ways to make money online.

    Many ways which I didn’t really know much about, Thanks for the enlightening list.

    I am interested in writing a sponsored post, how will you recommend I begin?

    Are there any platforms, I could visit to get in touch with companies looking for bloggers or do I just wait for the companies to get to me.

    1. Hi Etah, thanks for your comment.

      Sponsored blogs are good ways to have an income. Usually some sponsors are the ones who are going to contact you.  You can also advertise in your blog that you are open to writing sponsored articles.

      I found this article which probably will help you regarding sponsored blogs.  READ HERE.

  3. Wow! A ton of good information. Seems like you have come a long way in a short period of time. Good Work. I am definitely going to use a lot of this myself. I am thinking of adding eCommerce. What are your feelings on that avenue? I am 70 and even though I have experience and credentials a mile long no one is going to hire the old guy. I have a young family and still want to make an income from home. This all seems so perfect for me. 

    Thanks for the uplifting and encouraging information.


    1. Hi David, thanks for your comment.

      Definitely, an e-commerce site is a good way to create revenues.  It`s a good thing, there are easy tools that you can use or plug-ins that you can incorporate in your e-commerce website.

      There are courses i can recommend for you to start building your e-commerce website. 


      All the best!

  4. Your write up on how to make money on a blog for beginners is really top-notch. The twenty different methods you listed are all really helpful. I actually consider trying to focus on writing E-books and keep selling it on my blog and also offering coaching and mentoring services. Thanks once again. I hope to read more subsequent posts from you

    1. Hi Dapoach, thanks for your comment.

      I am glad that this article is helpful for you.

      I will gladly write and share more posts which i will know that can help you become a successful affiliate marketer.

      All the best!

  5. I love the thoughts on niche business ideas you provide. I personally sell consulting services, advertising on site, and professional coaching and have provided on site SEO services or search engine Optimization and social media marketing services as well. One thing I see you didn’t mention that I also do is Ghost Writing for other blogs which you can do through outsourcing sites like iWriter or other Freelance writing sites. My last client was paying me $400 a month for 12 articles and with other services from the client I was making over $500 just from her business each and every month. A few clients like that and you can retire from your full time job and just write for a living. 

    Andy Zeus Anderson

    1. Hi Andy, thank you for sharing your thoughts regarding this article.

      Yes of course, writing as a freelancer is also a way of getting income.  Thank you for adding that to my list.  And i know there are still other ways you can create money on your blog.  As i have mentioned in my article, the possibilities are unlimited.

      All the best!

  6. Hi Hanna,

    Wow! I am so glad I came across your post about How to Make Money on a Blog. I never thought there 20 ways only for beginners. So thank you very much.

    Out the all, DropShipping is a brand new term for me. Could you explain it a bit more? Or share a relevant link?

    Can I anticipate more articles from you any soon? I am particularly interested in DropShipping.

    Hope you will draft more.

    Best wishes.

    1. Hi ShaniL, thank you for leaving a comment and sharing your thoughts.

      Dropshipping is a very lucrative way of getting income in a blog.  You can even make your own e-commerce using dropshipping.

      Here is a link that probably can help you learn more on dropshipping:  The Art of Dropshipping!

      For usre, i will write more articles about dropshipping in the future.  Thanks again.

  7. I like the information that you present on your website. I did notice that you may want to check the word you throughout your post. I believe that you intended to say your, but instead throughout the post it reads you. Outside of that it is not a bad post. You even gave me some future ideas.

    1. Hi Chris, thanks a lot for pointing those typos..  so the “you`s” had been corrected:)

      I`m glad too that this article is helpful in giving you ideas on how to make money on your blog.

      All the best!

  8. This is a great article and you’ve given me so many ideas. You’ve definitely given me lots to think about. I had no idea about Builderall or lots of the other ideas. It’s refreshing to read an article on making money online where I read about new and novel ideas, so thank you!

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