Is The Five Minute Profit Sites A Scam? [Truth Revealed]

Is the Five Minute Profits a scam?

Welcome to my Five Minute Profit Sites Review!

Is the Five Minute Profit Sites A Scam?

I am very glad you came across this review before you decided on going into any further with the Five Minute Profit Sites.

This is a good way of finding out if this product is LEGIT or is it a SCAM?

The Five Minute Profit Sites claim that you can earn at least 517$/day…

Is Five Minute Profits Site a Scam?

In just less than 5 minutes and 17 clicks!

Is Five Minute Profit Sites a Scam?

Sounds good to be true? Let us see..

Overview and RatingsIs the Five Minute Profits Sites a scam?

Product Name: Five Minute Profit Sites

Product Owner/Founder: Sam Smith?

Product Website: Five Minute Profit Sites

Product Description: Software for E-business (Sales Funnels)

Training Programs: 2 out of 10

Support Programs: 2 out of 10 Rating: 2 out of 10

What is the Five Minute Profit Sites?

Five Minute Profit Sites is essentially a “propriety software” that will help you create “high converting websites” (as claimed) that will help you make money automatically as in autopilot!

They claimed that through this software/trainings, it will help you earn over 519$/day. You will utilize free software to create a website. The more clicks you get for your site, the more you will make. As claimed, you can use this software for free and will help you start making money right away.

How does it work?

The process of Five Minute Profit Sites is pretty simple and straightforward with just a few quick steps to follow. These are the steps in their Member`s Area:

Is the Five Minute Sites a Scam?

So, basically, here are the steps needed to get started with the program:

  • 1. Download and install the software.
  • 2. Select the “Build your site” option.
  • 3. Enter your Clickbank account (or sign up if you do not have one).
  • 4. Choose a domain name.
  • 5. Create an account on Aweber.
  • 6. Enter the Aweber code into the software.
  • 7. The software will create your affiliate site.

After you`ve done so, your new website has a custom logo as well as a sales video that features a hired actor to convince your visitors to take action. So, whenever one of your visitors submits their email address through your site, they will be transferred to your Clickbank affiliate website.

What are the training and tools?

Five Minute Profit Sites is basically a software that uses point-and-click which is supposed to be easy to use for just about anyone.

There is in-depth instruction on how to find the site that sells the best products (in Clickbank) that you will have the best chances of promoting and make money as an affiliate.

The lessons within the software will lead you through the whole process step by step, thus, even those who have never done anything like this before will not probably have issues whatsoever with this system because it is very simple.

How much does it cost?

Well, according to their sales pitch, the software is supposed to be free. But still will cost you something. Read further, and you will know the truth.

Who is it for?

Anyone who wants to make a lot of money easy. Anybody who is using software to create passive income. Anyone who does not want to study and understand how the whole process of making money online.

Before I conclude this review, let me tell you my honest review with regard to Five Minute Profit Sites.


First, I found the owners to be mysterious.

Is the Five Minute Profit Sites a scam?

They have this video narrated by a certain Sam Smith, which I find weird. I feel that she is just an actress being paid to promote the product.

Second, I thought it was a FREE software,

Is the Five Minute Profit Sites a scam?

but apparently, there`s a charge for the server cost which is 37$!!

Is the five minute profit sites a scam?

and not only that, it will cost more because there is surely an UPSELL! Look at this screenshot:

Is the five minute sites a scam?

Aside from all these, of course, the hidden expenses that you will need: like the Aweber which you will need to pay in order to use their autoresponder.

And last thing I realized (which I know it is not the last thing), the “websites” they are claiming to be, are not websites. They are basically landing pages. Which really sucks!

But wait, having said all these,

there is something GOOD about Five Minute Profit Sites:

Is the five minute profit sites a scam?

It`s a 60-day Money Back Guarantee, which is awesome. But I hope, getting your refund will not be a very painful procedure!

So, Is Five Minute Profit Sites a Scam?

For me, YES!

It is because most of what they claim is not true.

To some, this software may be very helpful. But I just find it misleading.

Is the five minute profits a scam?

My Final Thoughts?

The Five Minute Profit Sites is just one of that software that will show you how to make money fast, as fast as 5 minutes and 17 clicks. For me, this is just one of those getting-rich-fast schemes, that is why I consider it a scam.

You see, I have always believed that in any form of business, you have to have the right start and the right foundation. I am lucky enough to have found the right platform that taught me how to really earn income online.

I would like to invite you to join in my community of people just like you – people who are trying to find the right tools and training to be successful in this business.  But these people in my community are helping each other become a successful affiliate marketer. If you are new in this field, or someone who already has experience and still finding the right ways how to be successful, I recommend you this platform.

Are you tired of finding the right way to make money online and doesn`t want any more scams?


It is FREE to join, No CREDIT CARD needed!

When you join for FREE, you will get all these:

  • Lessons and training to start your online business.
  • 2 Websites with Domains and Hostings.
  • Keyword Search Tools.
  • PLUS Mentorship!

If you do so, I will be one of your mentor, plus many other more who will help guide you all the way!

Hoping to see you in the inside:)

Get your new career today!

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20 Comments on “Is The Five Minute Profit Sites A Scam? [Truth Revealed]”

  1. At the beginning, 5 minutes profit sites sound quite promising, but experienced people will be able to realize that easy money is untrue. Making over $500 a day without learning or doing anything is impossible. However, people who are new to the online business can be trapped by their promising advertisement. You are doing a great job to help people stay away from scams.
    I enjoy reading your post and thank you for sharing this info to me. I didn’t hear about 5 minutes profit sites before.


    1. Thanks Mary for sharing your thoughts.
      This is really my goal here in my website, to reach out specially those who are just starting their online business.
      I hope by giving them informations on products that are legit and which are scams, it will be helpful for them in their choices.
      All the best!

  2. I’m very glad that I find your website since I know scam exist and good to know how to protect from it that not happened to you. Before you join any program is better to follow legit and well trusted. I do believe people who witnessed the program as you did. Good Tips and Thank you for sharing,

    Take care and good luck

    1. Thank you Nijole for sharing your thoughts.
      I am glad you find this review very helpful.
      I will try my very best to find products/programs if they are truly legit and real or if they are merely just scam.

      All the best!

  3. I think your site has tons of info to help folks like me – new to digital marketing. I’m excited about the 60-money back guarantee, which gives me plenty of time to learn and know whether this business is the right industry for me. I’m looking forward to learning these new skills and techniques.

    1. Thanks Dee Tran for sharing your thoughts about this review.

      It is my pleasure to give reviews for all those looking for products and softwares. You always have to make sure that products should be legit and not a scam.

  4. While there is genuine and legit money to be made on the internet and ..yes money can be made with a few clicks.

    I did, and made about $84 bucks last night with 9 clicks and $168 on Saturday, again with 9 clicks of my mouse! but it did not take “just” those clicks, or a mere 5 mins.

    It took 3 and half blooming years to get to this point! and that is the reality! (sure some can do it quicker, like in 18 months or 2 years!).

    I’ll add it was not from a “cloned site” that every one and their dawg has (hello??? google duplicate content penalty and never ever ranking the site or getting traffic??)

    I highly suspect that this is a scam!

  5. When it comes to making money online, a lot of people always get deceived deu to the fact that they don’t want to go through the struggles and instead, prefer something easy. The truth is making money online is not easy and a little hardwork is needed before one begin to see the real money. For me, I once heard about five minute profit from a friend and after I checked them out, they sounded to good to be true and I decided not to involve myself with it because I felt it was a scam

    1. Hi Linus, thanks for reading this review.

      I am also glad that you took that step of staying away from this easy-to-make money schemes.  Good for you!

      I wish you all the best!

  6. You are doing an awesome job of exposing these kinds of make money opportunities. In my honest opinion, I do not think that the marketing of these so-called autopilot programs will ever stop. They will always try to lure people in just to make quick money.

    I think the sad part is that the way Five Minute profit sites promote their program, someone who is brand new is very likely to fall for it. And the reason as to why I say that it’s sad is because a newbie may not only get ‘burned’ by signing up, but they end up feeling that all ‘make money’ online opportunities are scams.

    And that is not true. There are legit ways of making money and as you said, it’s all about having the right platform to get started with. I like the fact that your recommendation is Free for us to try out.

    Keep up the fantastic work.



    1. Hi Roopesh, thanks for sharing your thoughts regarding this review.

      There are for sure many getting-money-fast schemes out there. But the good thing is that, there are bloggers who review products like this, just like me, who gives  informations and their honest opinions about their so-called schemes, and hopefully can reach out to those people before they fall for this.

      All the best!

  7. Hi. Just like you I believe that anything that seems to good to true probably is. 

    I have been stung with something like this before so I will be leaving the 5 mins profit sales products wellI alone.  

    I would like to know the real cost of this product is?  I bet there are many Upsells and add ons once purchase. 

    Thank you for giving me an honest and clear review of this product.

     It is refreshing for someone to be honest with their views for a change.

    I am a very happy member of the Wealth Affiliate community, no scam there.

     No up sells , just hard work and you will have your legitimate business .

     Much more my style for anyone looking for the best way to work online.

    Take care and keep up the good work  

    1. Thanks Matthew, i appreciate your thoughts about my article.

      I am also happy being a member of Wealthy Affiliate, as this really has taught me to become a successful affiliate marketer.

      All the best to you!

  8. Hello,
    I learned a lot about Five Minute Profit Sites through this important article. It is absurd that earn at least 517$ per day by 17 clicks in just 5 minutes! Those who are greedy will only fall into this kind of rubbish trap. I think these frauds should be exemplary punishment under the Information Technology Act. Thanks to the helpful reviews for increasing awareness.


    1. You`re most welcome Rgpratap!

      I`m glad to give reviews like this to make online marketers aware of such schemes.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts, all the best!

  9. Hi,

    This is a wonderful, informative and educative review of the five-minute profit site. After reading your review, I have no doubt that this is a perfect scam and not suitable for beginners also. I personally dislike those sites which mislead and use fake information, spokespersons, testimonials to attract new members. If I did not read your article, I would not even know this scam. I believe that many people will find great help after reading your article. I am staying out from this site and I expect that other people will also do the same. Thank you for sharing this helpful review.

    1. Hi Mzakapon, thanks for your comment!

      I am glad this review is helpful for you!  We should always be skeptical on those easy-money schemes.  Be careful coz there are really a lot out there.

      All the best!

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