Is Viral Pay A Scam? [Truth Revealed!]

Is viral pay a scam?

You are here to find out about Viral Pay.  Is Viral Pay a scam or legit program?

Recently, I have also been hearing about and apparently, it is the #1 influencer network, as claimed.

It`s a network of influencers that has high payouts and they promised that social media of any size following can become a successful influencer and make thousands of money online!

Their promotional headings:


Is Viral Pay a Scam?

Sounds really good, right?

Today, I am going to give you my honest review about, and will give you an idea if it is LEGIT or SCAM.

This is my Review on

Is Viral Pay a scam?

Overview and Ratings

Name of Product: Viral Pay

Product owners: I am not so sure (Australian?)

Product website:

Product Description: Influencer network

Support/Tools/Hostings: 2 out of 10 rating: 2 out of 10

What is Viral Pay about?

As claimed, Viral Pay is the #1 influencer network which was founded in 2015 to help social media users turn their usage into money. Their parent company has been creating online marketing solutions since 2005, and Viral Pay is just an addition to their family. Their goal is to help as many people as possible to change their lives by taking advantage of social media.

How does it work?

So, they require you to sign up, and upon signing up, you get a 25$ bonus right away! (WOW!)

In order for you to earn money, they require you to do several tasks as follows:

Is Viral Pay a scam?

  • 2$ per click to their link
  • 10$ refer a friend
  • 10$ download apps
  • 25$ complete surveys
  • 50$ create YouTube videos

This is the look of my dashboard 30 minutes after signing-in. ( By the way, I signed-in with my “non-official email” – I usually have one to check programs like this).

Is Viral Pay a scam?

Will they ever pay me?

I tried cashing-out⇒ 

Is Viral pay a scam?

Oh well…

What are the training and tools?

Well, I couldn`t say much about their tools because this is just what they have in their dashboard. I guess, they will give you a link and some promotional pictures that you can share in any social media.

Is Viral Pay a Scam?

How much does it cost?

It actually cost nothing, but as claimed, you are the one being paid 25$ upon signing-up right away. Honestly, this seems crazy, as you really do not know what it will really cost you eventually…

Read on…

What is it for?

It is for creating money online by using social media.

That`s just the overview and introduction of this product…

Are you tired in finding a LEGIT WAY of making money online?

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Let me get to the point now…

Usually, I will say my verdict at the end of my article, but I am already telling you what is the real score here…

Viral Pay is definitely a SCAM!!

Is Viral Pay a scam?

Here are my reasons why it is so:

1. They just started.

According to their “About Us” page that they have been around for 4years? However, I found out that the domain name was just registered 2019-03-09! What a B.S.! Definitely a scam!

Is Viral Pay a scam

2. Unknown owners.

In the “About Us” page too of Viral Pay, they claimed that they have a parent company, but never mentioned who.

Guessing game?

3. Not consistent pieces of information.

Viral Pay mentioned that they are from the United Kingdom according to the “Terms and Conditions” page. But according to their “Contact Us” page, their address in Australia. So, obviously, the company hasn`t provided the real address.

4. Fake testimonials.

In their dashboard, you will see some video testimonials. All the testimonials and payment proofs posted are fake none of them are real! Testimonial videos are made by hiring performers from service provider sites. It hasn`t paid to anyone and neither will pay in the future.

Is Viral Pay a scam?

Totally scammers!

5. Social Media official pages not available now.

The official Facebook page of Viral Pay ( has already been down. This is not a good sign of a real business. If Facebook suspends a certain page, that means they block the page due to some scam activity running there.

6. Definitely an information-collecting scheme.

Viral Pay is somewhat a new version of referral link click pay scam. You can find plenty of similar kinds of scam sites with an exact business model. The business model, the business claim, way to scam people and other lots of things of these all sites are almost similar. So, it is clear that Viral Pay is a scam site run and operated by the serial cybercriminal.

Is Viral Pay a scam

It looks like this too!!!

Is Viral pay a scam

These cybercriminals are just collecting your personal emails and pieces of information. It is totally a data-harvesting scheme!

These kinds of sites are scamming people so they can make money for themselves, such as selling your personal information! (yes! there is such a thing!)

My final thoughts?

This Viral Pay is totally a SCAM!

I am hoping that this kind of information reaches you early enough not to fall into this kind of scheme.

There are sure ways of making money online. But with this earn-easy-money scheme is not one of them.

I still believe in the REAL making money process: that is understanding how the whole money making business works! (Read my Best Ways On How To Make Money Online)

It is learning how it`s done and how it really works! You totally need to have the right foundation and tools to be successful in this business!

The good thing?  There are programs and platforms like this that will teach how to make money online, even with no experience!

If an online business is created and mentored from a legit platform like this – it is for sure that this business is going to be successful!

Let me share to you how I created my own business – making money online – the legit way:)

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 Looking forward to seeing you in the inside:)

Thanks for reading! If you have any thoughts about Viral Pay, leave me a comment. All the best:)

18 Comments on “Is Viral Pay A Scam? [Truth Revealed!]”

  1. Hello, I really appreciate your time and effort on writing about Viral Pay.

    Before I even reached the end of your review it’s obvious they’re a scam. I mean, giving members $25 right away? The only sites that do that is because they don’t plan on paying you! Most of the income sites I run into that offer a sign up bonus give you no more than about $5 and even then has tons of stipulations to be able to cash it out.

    I’m also against any site that uses fake testimonials, that is straight up lying to your face. Thanks for your honest review

  2. Most of this site are really be scam because they put several criteria for withdrawal which people can’t meet this criteria in short time.

    as I see and when I read this article I realise that it will be 50% scam or legit because no any payment has been done. I chck this site in the previous time I register and start operating the site but yet not get paid.

    Thank you for sharing this important article.

    1. Hi Mustapha, thank you for your comment.

      It is just sad that this kind of schemes usually target people who are seriously looking for ways to make money online.

      I just hope that no other people will fall for this kind of scams.

      All the best!

  3. Hi thank you so much for revealing this sad truth, I wonder why people will just put up something just to scam their fellow hustlers. One really need to watch out very carefully to avoid scam. Making money online isn’t easy but at least start from somewhere in a legit way. Imagine the viralpay after accumulating money you won’t be able to cash out, that’s scam.

    1. Thanks Destiny for sharing your thoughts about Viral pay.

      It is totally scammer!  And i know what you feel when you are finding so hard to find a real genuine way to create money online.  We all just need to be careful.

      All the best!

  4. Hey! Thanks for sharing this review on viral pay, many scam website are springing up on the internet. To be able avoid falling victim, one must be conversant and versatile with the red flag that exposes all this scam websites.
    I appreciate you breaking it all down for us. I am looking for a better way to make money online and your article helped me out. I will surely revisit for more reviews like this. Again thanks for this article.

  5. Vyral pay is a scam like many others; those who promise to give a lot of money from scratch, are scammers; as in any business, and in marketing online, to be successful, you have to be patient, learn, work hard; money is not easy to make, I’m talking about an honest business; WA is by far the best learning site and a solid foundation for business

    1. That is definitely correct Carmen!

      The most legit and honest way of making money in any kind of business really takes time and effort.

      I am glad that you are also a member of Wealthy Affiliate, the best platform helping beginners in affiliate marketing.

      All the best!

  6. Very helpful article. I’ve run into some schemes myself and lost money. Thanks to you, others will miss this unpleasant experience. Well done.

  7. Hey, thanks for this review. I had just seen an advertisement for this website not long ago. Since I have been sucked into a couple of other make easy money scams before, I am very careful when deciding to join an opportunity. There are always clues I look for.

    If it is free to join. But even if it is free like Viral Pay, I look to see who are the owners. If I do not see names AND a picture of the owner/s, that is a big red flag for me. That tells me they want to remain hidden and probably are a scam.

    Those testimonials are definitely fake. Two of them say the exact same script. I was a bit skeptical before and after reading your review I am definitely convinced that Viral Pay is a big fat scam. If anyone is reading this, STAY AWAY! There are better, more legit opportunities available.

    1. Hi Robert, thank you for sharing your thoughts about this article.

      It is always good to be cautious in anything you do. I just sometimes wonder why there are still so many people who will fall for this kind of scammers. Viral pay is obviously a replicated scheme from before.

      It is always a good step before anything else to check first the company you wanted to join, read reviews about it.
      But of course, there are definitely still good platforms that can offer you the best trainings and ways on how to create your online business, the legit way.

      All the best!

  8. Hey,

    Thanks for this eye opener, i had heard about this from my friend however for some reason their offering of $25 on sign up sounded too good to be true. So i didn’t proceed forward and with your detailed post with so much of info i can safely skip viral pay.

  9. Don’t ya just hate BS?

    Got to say I love that part where you totally blew their cover and point out a bare faced lie with the namecheap screen shot and the whois look up!.

    4 years old…yep not even 4 weeks!.

    Great job and well done the hard work keeping us away from proper scams.

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